Promotion 1 –  Full services as a personal marketer

To provide peace of mind, packages have been developed to re-assure you of my commitment to making your company a success.

The JDS package, aptly named this as it includes my full services listed below:

  • I will design your website for you from scratch, this includes continuous maintenance and updates you would like to do in the future.
  • Search engine optimisation (S.E.O) included.
  • Manage and uplift your image and brand awareness
  • If you own a guest house, I will ensure that your establishment is set up and updated on the top four booking sites, namely TripAdvisor;, Travel Ground and Expedia. Should your company be in a different industry I will ensure your online presence is established through other means.
  • Social media marketing on Facebook will be done on a month to month basis continuously being updated (Practically the entire promotion 2).
  • ADHOC procedures which you would like to have done for example having leaflets designed for printing will be done by me (you will be responsible for third party payments, e.g printing company invoices). Other forms of ADHOC could also be small promotions.

The total for all my above mentioned services will be R4000 per month. I will be at your disposal by appointment and satellite (email and calls).

Should you need other assistance, we can set up a meeting and discuss the services at hand and at a reasonable price.


Promotion 2 – Social media marketing for Facebook:

I will provide your business with 16-20 high quality monthly posts that I guarantee will:

– Increase your potential customers
– Increase your likes and fans
– Lower your marketing expenses overall
– Increase direct traffic sales to your website
– Help you reach a specific target market
– Maintain a positive social image for your company
– Motivate engagement to increase interest and prospects
– Build brand loyalty
– No need to employ a full-time individual at a much higher cost.

The total for all my above mentioned services are R2500 a month.