Company Name: Baruch Guesthouse Stellenbosch

Owner: Natalie Scheepers

Contact number: 0218829013

I have had the pleasure of assisting Natalie expand her marketing horizons as she embarked on her journey opening a second guest house. Marketing had previously been done and put in place but not on a scale that was required. I was tasked with designing a basic new website and maintaining it to this day. New profiles needed to be opened and set-up on the various booking sites to assist with the new influx of bookings that would be expected. Baruch Guesthouses Facebook page received a new face, and over the past few 14 months has risen from 540 to 7000 and continues to grow. That is close to 1000 new interested potential clients per month. This equated to a strong increase in interest in Baruch and continues to do so. Natalie has confidently given me permission to reference her business and may it be noted that promotion number one is her current package of choice.